Rehabilitation and Preservation

When planning Rehabilitation and Preservation works, Maty Hod Architecture and Engineering re-breathes life into sites and antiquity buildings.

In the effort of conceptually and literally, reinforce the original and authentic, unrelated elements that were added over the years, only to detract from the original architectural design, are removed. While spaces and elements that support the building original concept and uniqueness are nurtured. Maty Hod Architecture and Engineering has planed the Rehabilitation and Preservation for various antiquity settlements, sites and buildings in the Galilee, the Druz villages of Yarka and julis and the circassian village of Kama.

This activity included rehabilitation, redesign and reconstruction of the alleyways' façade, developing infrastructure and new paving of roads.

The projects were executed in cooperation with different government offices and under the auspices of the Governments Company for Preservation of Heritage Sites.

Rehabilitation and Preservation works were also carried out at Acre, where the office planned the rehabilitation of the roofing for the still active antique market, introducing new, lightweight awnings, cladded with a galvanized sheet. The works also included environmental planning to develop plazas in the old alley ways, rehabilitation of antique buildings and more. These works were requested by the Acre municipality, the Acre Economical company and under the auspices and supervision of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

In the Tel Chai School, a preservation project was planned and executed:  the renovation and enlargement of the Slick museum. Dating from the British Mandate period, this site was discovered in the school’s basement.