Public Building

When faced with projects appointed by local authorities, the government
Or public enterprise, Mati Hod Architecture and Engineering sees it's calling in realizing the public interest, relating to its unique needs and character.

The office has planned various Public Building including:
The Local Council Building at Yarka Village, intended to serve many purposes. contains the Local Council’s offices, a center for cultural activities for youth and senior citizens, welfare departments, Home Front Commands offices and well-baby clinics. The building was complete with a public underground parking lot and a spacious square at its front.

Tel Chai Boulevard in Kiryat Shmona, This plan was awarded first prize in an open architectural competition held by the United Architectural Organization of Israel and the Government Tourist Company. It involved planning and designing the town’s main boulevard and different attractions along it.

In the city of Haifa, various kindergartens and Day- care facilities were planned, according to the ministries of education and economy's programs.
As well as the reconstruction and renovation of cultural centers and sport halls. The Dganya sport hall was renovated after its ceiling collapsed, giving it a new and unique look.
In Acre the office has planned 4 youth clubs, one of which is dedicated to the "ELEM" foundation for youth in distress.